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IRO Cover: Creating an Image


By 2009, my hobby of creating parody magazine covers had become well known at work. As a result, I was recruited to provide my services as a door prize to be awarded during an all-management retreat of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Karen Hansen, the Director of the Institutional Review Office, won the prize. I told Karen that I would design the cover, without telling her its contents, and present it to her, in the form of a large poster, when it was done. All she had to do was help me obtain a starting photograph. She opted to involve her entire staff, and so we started by arranging to have a group photo taken by Phil Meadows. Then I got to work. Lots of people helped come up with ideas for the table of contents. When delivered, the poster was a hit and was immediately hung on the IRO office wall. done in Photoshop